söndag 17 augusti 2014

Fontana di Trevi

In May this year, me and my darling went to Rome. It was my first time in the capital of Italy and I loved it! The hotel was fantastic, the food wonderful and there were so many things to see - we could have stayed much longer. This is definitely a city I'd like to visit again!

When I created this page I was challenged to make something out of a coffee filter - I used a Sizzix die and cut out what seemed to be a million little petals, all glued together they made a lovely flower. Not sure I could do it justice, though, mine looks a bit ruffled. I sprayed it with Prima's colour bloom sprays in two different colours before I glued it down right next to my photo. 

For list of supplies and more inspiration, please visit Hobbyworld's blog. Welcome! :)

Take care!

måndag 11 augusti 2014

Mum's birthday gifts

In July we celebrated my mother's 66th birthday - the weather was fantastic and we had a lovely day and evening together. Of course I had made her a card and it matched the wrapping on her gifts - do I need to say that she loves turquoise? ;)

For more information about supplies, please visit the Hobbyworld blog where you also can find loads of inspiration and ideas from the rest of the design team! Welcome!

Take care!

söndag 10 augusti 2014

White Card for Pyssloteket

Today's card is a monochromatic card for a co-worker's sister who turned 40 earlier this year. I just love to create these clean, crisp, white cards - and this card fold (recessed window card) is a favourite of mine. I go back to making them, again and again. :)

If you want some information about supplies and more inspiration from the rest of the lovely designteam, please feel free to visit Pyssloteket's blog.

Take care!

söndag 3 augusti 2014

Gifts for Kajsa's teachers

My daughter Kajsa is starting pre-school this autumn and when she had her last week at kindergarten we gave her teachers some gifts. Everyone recieved a small lantern with a scented candle, togehter with a box of chocolates. Of course I embellished the gifts and Kajsa wrote her namn on all three of them:

On the back of each tag I wrote a note from Kajsa and her family in case I could not hand over the gifts personally.

For list of supplies please feel welcome to visit Hobbyworld's blog, where you also can find loads and heaps of inspiration from the other girls on the design team.

Take care!

fredag 1 augusti 2014

August Challenge @ Hobbyworld

It's time for a new challenge over at Hobbyworld! August is here and this month we want you to have a colour challenge - create something with blue, green and yellow! I really love colour challenges, so this was easy to get started with - I just pulled out some colour bloom sprays from Prima Marketing and used them on a white cardstock. This is what I made:

The photos are from our trip to Rome at the end of May this year - one of many ice cream breaks is shown on the pictures. Oh, how I love Italian ice cream - particularly lemon... *yum*

More inspiration, rules and instructions (and supply list) can be found in Hobbyworld's blog. Welcome!!

Take care!

tisdag 29 juli 2014

A window card for Hobbyworld

I really love making these window cards, and I know I should try some new ways and card folds, but I can't stop myself sometimes. They're easy to make and loads of fun to embellish. This card was delivered to my uncle in the beginning of July together with birthday gifts from me and my family. As you can see I wrote all our names with a calligraphy pen inside the card. 

If you want to know more about today's card, please feel free to visit Hobbyworld's blog where you can find list of supplies and more inspiratione from my talented team mates! 

Now, I think it's time to challenge myself to try some new card folds! Wish me luck! ;)

Take care!

söndag 27 juli 2014

Me and my mum

In today's post on Pyssloteket's blog I'm presenting a layout with me and my mother on a picture that was taken maaaany years ago. Mid or late 70s, I'd say. :) I just love the glasses on both of us...! 

I used a lot of colour on the background of this page since the photo is black and white. One of the reasons I love to scrap black and white - you are not bound to use any specific colours. :)

If you want to know what I created this page with, you are more than welcome to visit Pyssloteket's blog where there is a list of supplies. Make sure you check out the rest of the team's creations, too! :)

Take care!

tisdag 22 juli 2014

Red-White-Blue Card

Today is my mother's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!! I did not make her this particular card, but I thought a birthday card is appropriate to show today. I'll show you my mother's card another day, ok?

I hope that the sun will shine all day, and that my fab mum will have exactly the day she wants! :)

Take care!

söndag 20 juli 2014

Elsa 40 - for HW

My friend, partner in madness and my sister-in-law Elsa turned 40 in May. I made her this card to go with the birthday gift:

You can find more information about the card and the supplies on Hobbyworld's blog. You can also find TONS of inspiration from the other girls on the team - feel free to pop by for a visit! :)

Take care!

torsdag 17 juli 2014

A Reminder - Challenge @ Hobbyworld

I hope you have remembered to join Hobbyworld's July challenge - if not there are still 4 more days to do so! :) Come on! It'll be fun - just check out Katja's lovely sketch:

 I'll show you my take on the sketch (again) - for more inspiration go to this post and take a look at the rest of the team's creations. 

Looking forward to checking out all of your blogs to look at your entries for the challenge! Get scrapping now! :)

Take care!