måndag 21 oktober 2013

Birthday CC @ Svensk Scrapbooking - part 2

There was this ONE challenge for the birthday crop @ Svensk scrapbooking I just HAD to do. You had to follow these guidelines:

* Focus on eyes in some way
* The name MICKE had to be included
* Hawaii theme
* Be inspired by the new iOS 7.0 for iPhone

I had an idea quite quickly, but wasn't sure how it would turn out in reality, but I must say it pretty much matched my inner picture of what I wanted it to become. Here it is - my art journal page for Micke's crazy challenge:

It's a page about some of my teenage crushes... ;-) Do you remember the names of the guys (or girls) you had crushes on?

Take care!

söndag 20 oktober 2013

Holiday pictures

Oh, this year's summer holidays was a blast! Me and Kajsa spent almost a week on Gotland together with dear friends and their children. The pictures make me smile from ear to ear! Just take a look at these pages:

All details can be found on Pyssloteket's blog - I just love the inlinkz tool we are using there to show what supplies we've used for our projects. :)

Take care!

måndag 14 oktober 2013

Birthday CC @ Svensk Scrapbooking

I always have a hard time resisting cyber crops, so when I saw that Svensk Scrapbooking was having one, I was very quick printing out all the challenges... ;-)

The first creation I made was for the first challenge - a card sketch - and I made a purple card (!!!) which is not usually a go-to colour for me. Well, here it is:

Hopefully there will  be lots of time for more crafty projects this upcoming week - I have a crafty itch in my fingers... ;-)

Take care!

torsdag 10 oktober 2013

This is ME!

I made this LO a long time ago - it must have been at the beginning of the year or at the end of last year...! I think I entered a challenge @Scrap-Perra with it, and I've forgotten to blog it - I think? Well, if you have seen it before - just close your eyes and move along, nothing to see here! ;-)

The text says:


Of course the letters in English doesn't spell my name, but you get the picture, right? ;-)

Take care!

tisdag 8 oktober 2013

Art Journal - Let yourself Grow

I went through my folder with creations that (I think) haven't been posted in my blog yet, and found an art journal page that I'd like to show you:

 I have used gesso, modelling paste, acrylic paints, colour mists, masks/stencils, my Neocolor crayons, and the rings are stamped with a jar. I also used my beloved Posca pen to draw the white lines. I use both the white and the black Posca pen a lot - it's great to use on all kinds of materials, and on art journaling pages it's fantastic! :-)

I haven't done much in my AJ lately - think it might be time to do something about that, don't you?

Take care!

I was featured...

...over at Svensk scrapbooking a couple of days ago! :-) What an honour!! It was with one of my You Do creations from my guest week recently. I feel really happy for all the attention and am really inspired to create more! I hope that my little one think it's a good idea to have some crafty time with her mum some time during this week. ;-)

Take care!

söndag 6 oktober 2013

Crazy Face

Oh well, this photo just begged to be put on a page, so I did. Don't be frightened - I don't bite. Not very often anyway... (says those who know me) ;-)

Check out the details on Pyssloteket's blog today!

Take care!

torsdag 3 oktober 2013

You Do - part 4

It's time for my last post for the You Do blog - and this one is about being creative together with children. I took out all the supplies I had recieved from You Do and let my little one just go berserk - she was soooo happy! The first thing she made was a bracelet or a "watch" as she called it:

Then she decided to make a birthday card:

Can you tell she loves hearts and pink...? ;-)

Then she wanted me to make her a handbag, so I had to find the measurements for this card:

We used blu-tack to close the handbag card and she was very happy with it, but a bit concerned about the fact that it was open at the sides. Well, you can't have everything all the time, right? ;-) Anyway, we had a great time together playing with all the fun supplies, that's for sure!

Thank you You Do Creative for giving me the opportunity to use your supplies and to show mine (and Kajsa's) creations in you blog!! *really proud* :-D

Take care!

tisdag 1 oktober 2013

The Princess & the Cake

Today I'm showing a page I made for Scrapptorget - a layout I made during a time challenge. I LOVE time challenges! If I can't find my mojo I usually challenge myself and my friends to do something within a set time. Usually that gets me started and it's FUN! :D Have you tried it?

This page is also shown on Scrapptorget today:

A very happy 5-year-old in January this year - now she's soon turning 6 and her teeth are starting to fall out - is she really that big?!! I guess the kids grow faster than we want to admit... ;)

Take care!