torsdag 24 december 2009

The Last Christmas Cards

...for this year, anyway. ;)

I had to make a few more - one for Kajsa's daycare and two for our nextdoor neighbours, but now I think I have everything covered. To be honest; I'm a little tired of making Christmas cards now... *heehee*

So with these cards I wish you all a very merry Christmas - I hope you'll have a good time with family and friends. I'm going to spend Christmas Eve at my parent's house, together with David and Kajsa, and my grandparents on my father's side. It'll be a very quiet Christmas - just the way I like it.

Take care!
/ Jeanette

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  1. Härliga kort och så vackra blommor!!

    Önskar dej en fortsatt skön jul =)


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