fredag 26 februari 2010

Date night recap

Okay, so you want to know everything about last night?? Well, I'll not give EVERYTHING away ;) but I WILL tell you about the wonderful food. It was a very well composed menu with carefully selected wines to go with each of the courses - a sensation of flavours!! The students were absolutely amazing - they did a great job.

For those of you who didn't know - we went to have dinner at my school - our restaurant students kept the school restaurant open for anyone to come and eat. We just couldn't resist that!

Oh, you're waiting to read the menu? Here it is:

* Asparagus and cheese with walnuts

* Lobster Thermidor

* Poached brill with butter and horseradish, served with boiled potatoes

* Grilled duck with orange sauce, beets and couscous

* Chocolate and hazelnut soufflé with raspberry sauce

Are you envious? You should be - it was HEAVEN!!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
/ Jeanette

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