tisdag 9 mars 2010

I haven't forgotten about my blog - I've been away on a weekend crop, and I have a visitor from England here, so blogging time is limited.

This weekend was very productive and I came home with a total of 6 layouts, 7 cards, 1 bookmark and 1 sketchbook (a Bind-it-All project) so I definitely have loads to show you - I just need to have all of them photographed. I think Annika is going to do that during the day, so you'll probably see some of the new things here soon. :)

To give you a quick recap of the weekend: scrap, great company, shopping, challenges, lots of laughter, smoke breaks, little sleep, more laughter, wonderful food, and sunshine. I felt like I was hungover yesterday - I had a scrap hangover, I think.

Tonight me, Annika, and a couple of friends are going out for dinner to Texas Longhorn. I guess I'll be stuffed tonight when I get back home...

Tadaaaa for now!
/ Jeanette

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