söndag 25 april 2010

Proud and happy! :D

Sweet ScrapMyran has honoured me with an award with the motivation:

"The funniest message board personality of the scrap world"

I'm happy and proud for such an award, and I will of course continue by awarding 7 people that I really enjoy visiting in blog cyberspace:

1. Lillpiga - One of my best scrap friends and one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to vintage. She must be the coolest chick I know!!

2. Rach - The Queen of Copics - she's THE BEST with colours! I always look forward to her blog updates.

3. Kajsan - My Thursday date for scrap - you make me laugh SO hard, honey! Extremely talented scrapper - you're a wiz with your scissors! *swirl-swirl*

4. Gulligullan - Clean and simple, but always with those little details and colours that makes everything pop out! Takes photos that inspire me a lot, too!

5. Carin - fun and bouncy who makes cards full of beautiful details and with gorgeous colouring!

6. Tvillingmamman Lotta - a colourful scrapper who generously shares her life as a twin mother - I laugh and cry when I read her blog

7. DrAnnika - she's crap at blogging but she's one of my biggest inspirations in the scrap world. Noone can get me going like she can - she's the best at giving me challenges to develop my scrapping! She's also my very best friend... ♥

7 great ladies whom all inspire me immensely!! Thanks girls - don't feel the pressure of sending the award forward, I just wanted to give you some lovin'.

And - to finish it all off I have to tell you 7 things about myself:

1. I love YELLOW!
2. I'm a teacher of English and Swedish at upper secondary
3. I love to play computer games
4. I'm a craft supply shopaholic
5. I'm a message board addict - I don't know HOW many I'm a member at...
6. I need to quit smoking...
7. I think I was British in one of my earlier lives... ;) Hence my affection for UK and the people there.

So, there you go - a bit of me and some love for the girls who inspire me!

Have a great Sunday!
/ Jeanette

4 kommentarer:

  1. TACK söt! Du gör mig så glad!
    En otrolig ära och glädje att få inspireras av dig så ofta som en gång i veckan ♥
    Love ya!!!
    KRAM Karin

  2. Tack baby!! Du är to good to be true! Längtar efter dig och tycker att det ska bli den 15:e NU!

  3. Heeeeeeeeeej bästa Tettiz!!! Stort TACK för awarden! ♥ Jag blev så GLAD och lite mallig! ;) Dina ord värmer! :) Jag har tyvärr inte pysslat något på slutet men kika in i min blogg och se mitt nya inköp, festligt! :D Ha en fortsatt härlig kväll och rolig onsdag imorgon! :D Kramis!!!


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