lördag 8 maj 2010

Pink elephants?!!

This card was made for a challenge over at Magdas Scrapfeber - a piece of fabric with animals in bright colours on it was the inspiration. You could do pretty much whatever you wanted as long as this fabric was your source of inspiration, and I picked up the elephants and the colours green, pink, and black, and went for a very simple card:

It feels like I'm trying a lot of different styles right now - is that good or is it a sign of general confusion? I don't know, but it doesn't matter - I scrap because I think it's fun!!!

Now, let the weekend be merry and let the scrap confetti soar around you!

I'll be back!
/ Jeanette

Have a good one!
/ Jeanette

4 kommentarer:

  1. Helt underbart kort, varför gör jag aldrig så'na rena, fina kort? Jag tycker det är jättesvårt men du lyckas som vanligt med allt. :)

  2. Enkelt, stilrent och fantastiskt snyggt!!!

  3. Underbart! less IS more!

    o Grattis till ditt nya DT-uppdrag!!!


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