tisdag 9 november 2010

Magdas Scrapfever

I have created a few layouts and other things for Magdas Scrapfever - this layout is one of them:

The challenge for this was to get inspired by a photograph of a beautiful bouquet of flowers in white and orange, placed in a big watering can. I chose to be inspired by the colours, so I made this layout in white, orange, and green.

The skies are grey today, and a little bit of snow is falling from the sky. It has been very windy, so I don't want to go out if I don't have to. And I don't, because I'm at home with Kajsa who's still not entirely well after having a high temperature this weekend. We're just taking it easy, watching cartoons/films and having homemade cinnamon rolls. ;)

Take care!

6 kommentarer:

  1. stunning Jeanette, love how striking this is..xxx

  2. lovly ♥
    Älskar kontrasterna!!!

  3. Så snyggt! Klockrent med det skarpt oranga mot allt vitt...

  4. Det såg tokigt ut. oreanga, oreange´a.. hur tusan det nu stavas... =)


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