torsdag 27 januari 2011

Eating my brain

Well, I promised you some brain eating, and here it is:

I made it after a few days of very little sleep, a VERY cranky little girl who took out almost all of her frustration on me (not her dad or anyone else - at least not to the same extent), and I was just so drained of energy. It took me hours to finish - and I'm usually a fast scrapper who finishes a layout in about 30-60 minutes. It was therapeutic and it felt good to make it - I needed to get it out of my system, so to speak.

Don't get me wrong - I love my little girl more than everything in the universe, and I know that I'm the best mother Kajsa can have - but sometimes you need some me-time. Some time alone. That makes me a better mother, I believe.

Take care!

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  1. This is stunning, absolutely amazing, and I agree having your me time, and quite time helps. Think I would have no hair left if I didn't lol!



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