söndag 19 februari 2012

Some layout love...

...I'm still around, but my dear blog is sadly forgotten and I feel bad about it. I HAVE some stuff to show you, but when I show them in Pyssloteket's blog I tend to forget to publish them here as well. This has got to stop, so now I'll have to go through what I have yet to publish here, and then I'll DO IT!

There are so many things I've wanted to do lately, but it all just comes down to just WANTING to do them... I've been ill for a few weeks and it's not until now that I've felt that mojo come crawling back under my skin. Hopefully I'll make sure to use my sparetime to CRAFT and not just sit and stare at the TV all night. Not very creative at all.

I'll give you a couple of layouts published today in Pyssloteket's blog;

Lists of materials can be found here.

Take care!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Underbara LOs med härliga kort på lilla smulan, mums! *kram*

  2. Lika snygga layouter som vanligt!


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