fredag 17 augusti 2012

Old creations

When I was browsing through my computer in a vain attempt to sort out my files and folders, I stumbled across a few unpublished creations, and I thought I'd show them to you:

This is Kajsa having fun baking - I must admit that I put flour in her face just because I wanted to take good pictures... ;-D She didn't mind, though...

As a teacher in our school you get your picture taken - it's not just the pupils that are photographed... Thought I'd scrap myself - Miss Jeanette - the teacher-me. ;-)

The rain is pouring down today, so this is a prefect day to update my blog and schedule a few posts. Hope to update the blog a bit more frequent now when autumn is here.

Take care!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Mycket fint att titta på i din blogg.
    Jag gillar din "bagar-LO", mysig :)

    1. Tack så hemskt mycket, Lisa-olsi!! :D


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