lördag 15 september 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins

A challenge with the seven deadly sins has just recently started over at Scrapptorget - have you seen it? Being a teacher of Swedish and English, and having a great interest in literature, I found this theme VERY inspiring, so of course I wanted to join.

The first sin to interpret is PRIDE and I've used a picture of Kajsa doing one of her "regal waves" - she loves princesses and if she wants to put on a dress, she says "princess", because she apparently thinks she looks like one when wearing a dress. ;) The beauty of childhood is that there is no pride in this whatsoever, but I interpreted it like this anyway. A very good-natured way of showing a bit of hubris, right?

To have a look at the other contributions to this challenge - PRIDE - checka out THIS page!

Next week there will be a new sin to interpret - so be there!! :D

Take care!

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