torsdag 3 oktober 2013

You Do - part 4

It's time for my last post for the You Do blog - and this one is about being creative together with children. I took out all the supplies I had recieved from You Do and let my little one just go berserk - she was soooo happy! The first thing she made was a bracelet or a "watch" as she called it:

Then she decided to make a birthday card:

Can you tell she loves hearts and pink...? ;-)

Then she wanted me to make her a handbag, so I had to find the measurements for this card:

We used blu-tack to close the handbag card and she was very happy with it, but a bit concerned about the fact that it was open at the sides. Well, you can't have everything all the time, right? ;-) Anyway, we had a great time together playing with all the fun supplies, that's for sure!

Thank you You Do Creative for giving me the opportunity to use your supplies and to show mine (and Kajsa's) creations in you blog!! *really proud* :-D

Take care!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vad mycket fint Kajsa gjort, hon brås barstämt på sin mamma tror jag! :)
    Och visst är det roligt att se glädjen när de får välja fritt bland våra (väl valda ;) pysselsaker! :)

  2. Ja, jag tror nog att hon gör det - hon säger aldrig nej till en pysselstund med mamma, ;-) Hon är väldigt duktig på att fråga om hon får ta papper eller låna färger, så det funkar riktigt bra. Jag behöver inte oroa mig för att hon helt plötsligt har rensat mitt blomsterförråd. ;-)


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