måndag 23 december 2013

Project Life - n00b *)

During this autumn I've been tryning my wings on something new (for me) - Project Life. It's easy, fun and the result is great for my little girl to look through and us to talk about. She needs to develop her speech so this is a great way to practise!

I'll show you the two pages I've made so far - we'll see if I start from the beginning come 2014, or if I make an effort to gather som photos from the last months of 2013 - I don't want this project to be a "must-do". I want to keep creativity flowing! :D

It's mostly in Swedish, as you can see, but I think you get most of it even if you don't speak the language. :)

*) You know that a n00b is a beginner, right? :)

Take care!

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