tisdag 4 februari 2014

Ice cream break

Sometimes I forget to post my creations in my blog. I think it's probably because they're made when I'm on a roll and have created many things in a short time. Most of the time I realise what I've forgotten to show, but it takes some time... ;-) 

Here is one of those forgotten creations - a page about an ice cream break in April last year - I treated my daughter with ice cream at our local McD's - her favourite! 

I just love MME - I think this collection is the one called Find your wings and fly - patterned papers, enamel dots, stickers... I SWEAR by it!!! :-D Have you seen all the new goodies...? Oh, all the gorgeousness!!!! I think I will have to sell everything I own so I can buy all the new collections. Or maybe I'll have to choose just one - if that's ever possible?! 

Take care!

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