söndag 21 december 2014

Kajsa - 7 years in January!

My daughter turns 7 in January. How did that happen? I can't believe how time flies and how quickly she grows. Since time really flies, and her birthday is at the end of January, I'm doing myself a favour by making the birthday card now. If I know myself correctly I'll have a lot to do in January, so I'll spare myself the stress of realising that I've forgotten to make the card... ;)

The card is made with the sweetest stamp from Marianne Design - Dancing Daisy - and I'm glad I decided to stamp and colour - it was soooo much fun! :D Around the image I've made some splashes with gold paint mixed with water (I used a toothbrush), and I've also painted the alpha stickers with the same gold paint.

Now, WHAT will I get her to go with the card...? Luckily it's more than a month left for me to decide what to buy... :)

You can find more information about supplies in Hobbyworld's blog today! :) Welcome!

Take care!

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