torsdag 7 maj 2015

A group challenge LO

A while ago I attended a big crop here in Stockholm - a whole weekend full of crafting, chatting, laughing and loads of challenges. One of the challenges my dear friend Malin - Lillpiga came up with, and it was a challenge we did with the ladies around "our" table. 

The challenge was to pick out a photo and to pass it to the person sitting on your left. This person had 8 minutes to start a layout and when those 8 minutes had passed, that person passed the layout along to the next person on their left. That person had 8 minutes - and so it continued... At the end I had 8 minutes to finish the layout with my photo on it - and it turned out like this:

This challenge was AWESOME - it was difficult, fun, but most of all - it produced sooo many stunning layouts, it's amazing!! We were all blown away, I think. A really fun way of creating together - it forces you to think out of the box, and also NOT to think/plan so much, but to just go with your creative flow...! :)

Try it - you might like it!

Take care!

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