lördag 9 januari 2016

Champagne with Annika

One of my best friends is Annika. She is a wonderful friend - thoughtful, fun, caring, clever, and generous. She lives in England, and if I'm lucky I see her about once or twice a year. The summer of 2015 we had a wonderful time - one day we spent in Birmingham shopping and pausing for some champagne... We DO know how to have a good time, don't we. ;-)

The picture is taken @ The Balcony Champagne bar in the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham. We'll go there next time, too - won't we, Annika? Love you, darling!

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  1. TOK HÄRLIG!!! Jag vill också kunna göra som du!! :) Lovely!! Kram Anna :)

    1. Tack söra du! Du behöver ju inte göra somjagnär du gör så fint somDU!!


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