torsdag 17 mars 2016

Birds & Words

Okay, it's me and my (Dina Wakley's) scribbly birds again. I love them and I can't get enough of them. :) This spread is created with a thin layer of gesso, a bird, black pen and Prima Marketing's watercolour pencils + water and a brush. It's fun to work with a lot of white space and it's fun to try out new things (for me) that I have seen on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. This time it was the way I wrote the words - this is copied from many other creative people out there - I wanted to try it out, so I did. :)

You can find more information about supplies on Pyssloteket's blog.

Thank you for the visit! :)
Take care!

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  1. Alltså WOW!!! Så coolt med det sättet du skrivit texten!!! Och du skriver ju så TOK snyggt du duktiga kvinna! Gilla Gilla Gilla ♡ KRAM


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