onsdag 5 augusti 2009


First of all, I've decided to use English more in my blog - I know some English-speaking gals who'd like that. I also know that most Swedes don't have a problem with reading English, so I hope that my Swedish readers are fine with this. :)

Secondly, I need to do something about the looks of this blog. It's driving me nuts!! What I would like to do is to scrap and photograph my own header, but I always seem to forget that when I sit down to do some scrapping...

What is your preferences when reading a blog? Dark background with white/light text, or white/light background with dark text? I am leaning towards a simple design of the blog - just clean and simple with a scrapped header, do you think that could work? I need to use some feng shui-thinking around here, I don't like when it's messy. ;)

Back to work - my break is over now!

/ Jeanette

3 kommentarer:

  1. Det ska bli spännande att se vad du hittar på för din blogg. Jag föredrar vit bakgrund och svart text...tvärtom är sååå jobbigt att läsa tycker jag. Men smaken är ju olika...

    Jag tittar ofta i din blogg och inspireras av allt fint du gör men är tyvärr lite dålig på att kommentera.


  2. Jag tycker också atten vit blogg är så mycket finare. Det ger liksom ett rent och fint intryck.

    Hoppas du har en fin dag

  3. To match your english blog I'll take this in english too (it gives me an excuse to practise...) :D

    I alway prefer black/dark text on a lighter background. I hear it's supposed to be easier on the eyes with white on black but it makes my head hurt. :P

    Maybe you could start with a nice header and then, if you feel something's missing, work on the rest of the design?


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