lördag 26 september 2009

Celebrating my Father-in-Law

Today we celebrated my father-in-law, who turned 80 a couple of days ago. He invited us to join them for an afternoon with nice food and wine, and we had a really nice day. Kajsa was on her best behavior, and it was not a really BIG gathering, which can be exhausting - my own humble opinion.

We gave him an envelope card which we stuffed some money in - he wants to make a trip somewhere, and we wanted to contribute to that. This is what the card looked like:

...and when you opened it:

I thought the Road Trip-papers from October Afternoon were PERFECT for this card, and I really hope dear father-in-law likes it. :)

Have a nice Saturday evening - I think I'm off to watch a film in a bit. Too tired to actually get something done - I'm just aimlessly surfing the net right now...

Take care!!
/ Jeanette

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  1. Åh, jag tokgillar detaljen med rött floss i hålet på kortet. Det hamnar i inspirationsmappen!


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