torsdag 29 oktober 2009

Another birthday card coming up!

This one is covered in a Prima swirl and flowers, just because I felt like it:

I do love using my mini roses and those cute Adornit alpha stickers. The patterned paper is a Graphic45 - I have to try and use some other brands now, I'm stuck on them at the moment. ;)

The weekend it closing in now - on Saturday I'm off to a crop in Ärla, close to Eskilstuna, with a bunch of fantastic girls! I'm really looking forward to that, and it gives me a chance to use my new wheeled tote for the first time! Do you think it will hold everything I want to bring...? ;)

Take care!
/ Jeanette

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  1. Du fortsätter göra de ena vackra alstret efter det andra. Du är så himla duktig!


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