onsdag 7 oktober 2009

Kajsa Rocker

My little girl was given a really cool present from her "auntie" Annika:

She's now officially the coolest girl on the block. No competition whatsoever! :D

We're still at home, me and Kajsa, and I hope she's fit to go to daycare tomorrow - I can tell she needs more activities, even though she has not really had the strength to do much these last few days. She seems much better now, though, apart from the cough.

I'm off to cuddle my little rocker girl now!
/ Jeanette

2 kommentarer:

  1. oh bless what a sweetie..
    the reds i used i think were
    R24, R27, R29, R39 and either T4 or 5 for the shading...
    hugs Rachxxx

  2. Raringen!! ;)
    JAPP! Imorrn blire scrappat! :)
    Tid för start är oviss då Lillen verkar dra på sig en förkylning, så jag blir ev hemma med honom imorrn. Men jag kan absolut vara nere till 17-17:30 :) Har planer på att äta i lokalen... Hur kör du? Mat/shake? Jag anpassar ;)


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