onsdag 11 november 2009

Envelope card

There has been a cyber crop over at pyssel.net just recently - with lots of fun challenges - and I managed to make ONE contribution to one of the challenges. An envelope card. It was my first try and it was SO much fun - I'll definitely make more of those in the future.

This is my take on the challenge:

The bonus is that I won the challenge, with the closest voting there can be! There was only ONE vote that separated my card from A-C's gorgeous envelope card, and it was close all the way through! Thanks, hun, for the race!! :D

Thanks for the visit and take care!
/ Jeanette

2 kommentarer:

  1. Kortet är ju assnyggt! Helt sjukt snyggt!

  2. Ditt kort fick min röst...för det var ÖVERLÄGSET det finaste!! Helt makalöst snyggt! Kram :)


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