söndag 1 november 2009

A kiss for Christmas?

Well, the story behind this card is that I accidentally put a spot of red/pink on this sweet little girl's face, so I had to repair it. I gave her lips to send someone a kiss with:

The card was made as a challenge - I had to follow a sketch and I had to use a number of different materials, for example at least 6 leaves etc. The leaves part was hard because I hardly ever use them on my cards - so, GOOD challenge! Thanks Annika, darling! ;)

Take care!
/ Jeanette

4 kommentarer:

  1. Håller med Z! Den lilla damen är ju helt förtjusande med sin lilla pussmun! ♥

  2. Ahh så fint! :) Vad har hänt?! Har du gått å fått Jul-feber? ;) hihi...
    KRAM å se you thursday if nothing else happens ;)
    Du å jag... -nystart imorrn ;)

  3. Supersöt pussmun på ett i övrigt ljuvligt julkort!


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