tisdag 29 juni 2010

Full of Mischief

Another one of my creations for Magdas is this layout; "Full of Mischief":

I just LOVE the printed fabric ribbons (see detail picture above) - easy to use and with loads of gorgeous patterns. They're from Webster's Pages and you can find them in Magdas shop - if they haven't sold them all! I wouldn't be surprised! ;)

Have a lovely day, y'all!
/ Jeanette

8 kommentarer:

  1. Hejsan! Då du visade intresse för fakirbäddar vill jag berätta att vi nu har fått in en sådan i butiken.

    Vänligen /Blueness

  2. She still cute even if she is full of mischief. Great LO! I love the gathered ribbons and big medallion! And, the rumpled paper definitely gets your mischief message across!

  3. LOVE it. LOVE it. LOVE it.

  4. Underbart snygg och glad layout!!

  5. love all the distressing that you did on this one. Grungy and yet so beautiful


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