onsdag 7 juli 2010

Back from England

Hey everyone! I'm back!

I've had a MARVELLOUS time in England with Annika and Malin, but of course it feels good to be back home - I've missed little Kajsa and my husband.

Of course I have a whole lot of new stuff to show you, but there is some photographing to be done first, then some Photoshop and some of the layouts are DT-work, so they need to be posted in the right places before I can show them here.

Also, I couldn't fit them in my suitcase on my way home, so Annika will have to send them by mail to me... ;) I took pictures of some of the layouts at Annika's place, so I'll see if they can be used, so please bear with me. I'll show you soon... ;)

Now, I have to work - my vacation is over and I have 1½ week of work before I'm off for another 3 weeks. It's great to divide your time up - then it feels MORE! :D

/ Jeanette

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