fredag 16 juli 2010

Absolutely Fabulous!

This is one of my very best friends; Annika:

This layout is for Brunkullan with the lovely patterned papers from Scrap Within Reach - I love them!! I love the patterns and the muted colours and the double sides - all sooo yummy to scrap with!

Now I'm off to continue cleaning the house and bulldozing through the garden - everything needs to be ready for tomorrow. I'm also making two of these...

Take care and have a lovely summer's day!
/ Jeanette

3 kommentarer:

  1. So pretty-with an old-fashioned feel!

  2. Har egentligen bara ett ord att säga: Wow!
    Wow vilket underbart porträtt av Annika, och wow vilken underbar layout du har gjort....WOW!!! *samlar i blindo upp ögonen som har trillat ur skallen*

  3. Underbar LO och ett fantastiskt vackert foto på Annika!


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