tisdag 1 februari 2011


Here are three of the MEME's that the Lollipop Girl's have shared with us in the blog hop:

What is your favorite or most recent Etsy purchase and who are your favorite Etsy sellers?

I have never actually "discovered" Etsy, so I have not purchased anything, nor have I a favourite seller. Maybe it's for the better, since I really have to cut down on shopping... ;)

Did you marry your first true love?

Yes, I believe I do. I've had only one long relationship before I met my husband, but I think that was more of a puppy love relationship, even though it lasted for 6 years. I think that what me and my husband have together is special and precious, and he is my first TRUE love. He makes me laugh, and laughs with me when we're happy, he comforts me when I'm sad, and he loves and cares for his family in a way that really warms my heart. I love him deeply.

A story about a favorite pet:

My favourite pet's name is Måzart (almost like the composer Mozart), a striped grey and white cat. I bought him when I moved quite far from my hometown, to start my first job as a teacher. He kept me company and I never felt alone, even though I lived a long way from my family and old friends.

When I met my husband David and we decided to move in together, I had a big problem. David is allergic to animals with fur. Though, we solved it in the best way possible - Måzart moved in with my parents, and he is now my mother's little baby. She cares for him and they have their own routines and things they always do, and I think he's very happy there. Luckily my parent's house is only a 5-minute drive from us, so I can see him whenever I want. I always refer to him as my first born. ;)

So, let me see your answers to the blog hop MEME's - check out the instructions over at Candy Shoppe Designs.

Take care!

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  1. Loved reading your answers! :D

  2. i always love learning about other scrappy ladies!

  3. i loveeeeeee kittys!!! i had a kitty when i got married too and my husband wasnt a fan,,, but it was sorta, marry me, marry my kitty. love kittys!!! loved reading your meme!!!

  4. Den där valpkärleken är jag glad att du kom över! Vad fint du skrev om David, glad att ni har varandra. Kram

  5. Jeannette,

    I think you need to get on the Etsy train. :-)

    Lynnette a.k.a. Cherry Lolita

  6. I loved reading your answers and saw some LOs on other posts. They look great! :)


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