tisdag 1 februari 2011

Second Stop on the Candy Shoppe Designs BLOG HOP MEME

Do you want to join me in some fun and have a chance to win a great prize from The Paper Trail? Of course you do! :D It's really easy - just start from the beginning in Ally Serrato's blog to make sure you don't miss out on anything! If you came here from Ally's then you're right on track!

Ok, I'm one lucky girl to be a part of Candy Shoppe Designs team - one of the Lollipop girls - and we all are a part of this BLOG HOP MEME.

A meme is a question posted by a blogger that you answer on your own blog, then return to the original blog to link up and share your post with the other participants.

My question for you is this:

What would you like to tell a teacher who has changed your life?

I'll answer my own question, just to show you how easy it is:

I want to say - thank you for all the inspiration, all the knowledge you've helped me achieve - I'm sorry I didn't fully appreciate you then - now you're one of those important people who made me who I am today: A Teacher.

Are you curious of the prize now? Of course you are...

The Paper Trail are our generous sponsors!

Now, to participate - become a follower of my blog and leave a comment to let me know that you are. Then run off to your own blog and answer my question. When you're done - go back to Candy Shoppe Designs and link up your blog post.

Then you move on to the next blog (and MEME) in the hop - Jeannette Siciliani - make sure you enjoy her gorgeous blog while you're there!

You must answer at least three MEME's to qualify for winning a prize.

So, get hoppin' and good luck!!!

confused smileys

Take care!

11 kommentarer:

  1. I've been following CSD for a while, love this event! Very cool, following you now!

  2. Fantastic Khristen! I'll pop by your blog and read your MEMEs!! :D

  3. you know what's so sad? I had a lot of great teachers but I can't remember some of their names LOL...my MEME link /post is fixed; I so apologize for messing it up...KitKat

  4. Love your MEME. This is such a fun blog hop! My teacher Mr. Allen {Art/Calligraphy} always pushed me, and challenged me in art class far past my own expectations. It is because of him I never gave up my passion for art, and continue to create today .. through scrapbooking, and food!

  5. Following... I love your blog header "Its not just a hobby anymore..." SO True!

  6. Hi..i am a new follower...and just hopping along..great question too..:)

  7. i'm new here, loving what i see in this blog. trying to play the hop too. looks like fun!

  8. Love your question ;) Since I'm a teacher it was one that was special to me. :)

  9. what a great question--teachers often get forgotten but can make such a huge impact on someones life!

  10. blog hopping..am a follower too.. :)))

  11. just hopping along! Hmmm this is a great question that needs to be pondered. :)


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